“Brilliant! I learned a lot about myself. Somehow, it feels like he knew more about me than I did!”
Anjali Sinha, Arizona

“Matt is definitely passionate and knows what he wants and how to convey that. He’s unlike others in that he shows concrete representations of abstract concepts.”
Zach Kuiland, California

“Matt is very confident, credible, passionate, relatable, strong speaker.”
Joanna Arreguin, Arizona

“Matt is a great public speaker and really knows how to connect with his audience. Drive your life with passion – otherwise, it won’t feel worth living. Very inspiring. Thank you!”
Kimberly Carson, Arizona

“I can tell that Matt is truly passionate about what he does and it’s encouraging. I enjoyed the way the material was presented and how it was made personal. Thank you for being here today. I really enjoyed the presentation!”
Tyler Cox, Arizona

“Matt is a very passionate speaker and was good at engaging the group.”
Megan Wittenberg, Arizona

“Matt is very charismatic and keeps you focused on the activities. It made me think about what is actually important.”
Alicia Olivas, Arizona

“Matt helped me to realize my thoughts and challenges, how to overcome fears and achieve my goals. I realized that I am responsible for me. He speaks well and confidently in a calm and relaxing manner and is very good at expressing his ideas.”
Ben Jenc, Minnesota

“I have known Matt since 2005, when we were part of the same mastermind group. It was a very interesting group of bright, driven people, but Matt’s contributions and insights always stood out from everybody else’s – I made it a point to never miss any of them. There are a few rare people who make you feel like you’ve evolved a little just from talking to them.

Matt is one of them and from knowing him personally, it’s more than obvious that he truly embodies the principles he teaches. You would be hard pressed to find somebody more driven, energetic and passionate about life. Most importantly though, I know him to be a true giver whose greatest desire is to make this world better and to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible.

I have read “Live With Passion Now” and I think everybody should know and understand the concepts in this book. In fact, it’s one of those things you wish they had taught you back in high school… ideally before they ever make you speak to a guidance counselor. It’s always an inspiration to be around Matt so if you have a chance to get your hands on some of his ideas or be a part of his project, take it.”
Manny Zeh, Manila

“Matt and I recently had a discussion about excellence, we both strive for it, and he has helped me to achieve it in just about every facet of my life. He has helped me through some traumatic events and continues to do so.

And he is honest and fair and I can’t tell you how much better Matt has made my marriage and honestly I probably wouldn’t have one if it wasn’t for him.

The crap matt has helped me through is insane and what is so cool about it is that matt has helped my wife and I become the type of people that are able to help others. Matt helps not by telling you what to do but by helping you dig deap and find the answers.

I really doubt I would have beat addiction without Matt’s help and I didn’t just survive I thrive. Ninety eight percent of people fail at beating the addiction I had. Matt helped me view myself as a 2 percenter as opposed to an addict. I had absolutely no naa classes or counseling whatsoever. Thank you.”
Thomas Young, Tennessee

“Matt is very passionate, heart-centered, and knowledgeable from experience. He is authentic and inspiring. I’m committed to take 100% responsibility for my life.”
Nathan Coury, Arizona

“Matt is really a very good and nice speaker. He speaks with real passion and gesture. The workshop was invaluable and truly informational. It gave me an insight into what perspective I need to work on.”
Neel Mehta Vadodara, GJ, India

“Matt Coast is a much more then a leader, coach, mentor, & friend. He is human being that is aware of how connected we all are AND because of that he has a natural compassion for wanting us all to be the best we can be.

His many life experiences allow him to understand the challenges that life has, and that we often times create. Matt doesn’t try to not make you make the same mistakes or do what he has – his intentions are for you and everyone to experience the life that YOU most want!

He is able to share his lessons in a way that you can learn them yourself, and that you will want to experience them your self.

That to me is the mark of a true teacher.”

Max Mendoza, Arizona

“Overall, a great experience. Matt is very welcoming and not judgmental. I really enjoyed being surrounded by a bunch of positive people.”
Monique Jones, Arizona

“Earlier today, Matt said something that stuck with me. So, I wrote it down, ‘Passion is about authenticity.’ It makes so much sense to me and my life.”
Melanie, Phoenix, Arizona

“Thank you for an awesome and inspiring day! I’m glad there are people out there setting things like this up and making a difference. I learned a lot about myself and faced some problems and looked for ways to grow.”
Brett, Tempe

“Matt is very confident and a powerful speaker. Figure out what drives you and get in gear with that. Try and re-align your goals with who you are” – Anonymous, Arizona